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July 23 2014

Under 1100 Words (a monday in july)

Leaving behind the concrete towers with their neon signs, we drove out of Niagara without even paying a visit to the world-famous falls. They’ll always be breath-taking, but after multiple times of taking photos of visiting relatives posing in front of the old wrought iron railing, my eyes have gotten a little desensitized to the sight. The touristy surroundings do no justice to the natural beauty.

Anyways, we drove south around noon, a picturesque summer day with the sun hot enough to make sweat streak down my neck. After a night of belligerence, it was calming to coast on the nearly empty highway.  We were headed to Crystal Beach, along the shores of Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes I hadn’t seen before. It’s around a 30 minute drive from Niagara Falls. Once we got off the highway, the rest of the drive was through tiny rural towns that my suburban-self found probably a little too endearing. I don’t know what it is about vast, open fields and the staggered heights of treetops along the horizon that pulls at something within me. Shades of green I didn’t even know existed. And those dirt roads, leading up to old houses with clapboard siding, gable roofs, and farmer’s porches. Acres of land. I can see myself living like that, one day.

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July 22 2014

your mind and time are such that your memories will mute or amplify certain feelings. 

sometimes when not enough time has passed your mind will make you feel less, to cope.

and when enough has passed, you realize the true weight of what you feel, and you wonder how you ever coped.

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July 6 2014

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July 6 2014

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July 6 2014


Arnd Dewald

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June 26 2014

Okie! Here are some questions is be glad to hear the answers to! -Why did you make a tumblr? -Did you get your eyebrows from your mom or dad? -What do you like the most in the world? -Do you enjoy Justin Bieber?
by Anonymous

thanks for asking! i hope these answers were interesting to you. 

1) i made a tumlbr because i used to think i’d have time & stuff to post. i wanted to write and create things that have a place to put them. frankly, I haven’t been doing much of either things.

2) both. the thickness is from my maternal side, the shape from the paternal.

3) the beauty in everything is what i like the most in this world. in little things. makes my heart soar. 

4) no. sorry. i really dont. 

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June 25 2014

You draw a lot of faces. Faces of women that are carrying the weight of a certain sadness and reluctance. Why is that?
by Anonymous

it comes naturally, i’m not sure exactly why, but it’s almost instinctual

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June 25 2014

drawn to The Lengths, by The Black Keys

drawn to The Lengths, by The Black Keys

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June 23 2014

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June 8 2014

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